Max Goplerud

Boundary Changes


This paper created and verified an R programme that interpolates data across boundary changes. The supplementary information and the R programme for the paper can be downloaded here. The replication data for the simulations and empirical results can be accessed here:


Dissolution Powers


This paper with Petra Schleiter creates and validates an index that measures the ability of political actors to call elections strategically. We apply this index to a dataset of economic and electoral performance. The supplementary information detailing our coding, data sources, and the raw scores, can be downloaded here. The replication data and code for our empirical analysis can be downloaded here.


Special Advisers


This project was organised by the Constitution Unit at UCL and culminated in the edited volume Special Advisers: Who they are, what they do and why they matter. (2014: Hart Publishing), along with my article published in Parliamentary Affairs.

The quantitative database of special adviser service from 1979 to 2013 can be downloaded here. Please note, as outlined in more detail in Appendix 1 of the edited volume, the information in that database is subject to a number of caveats and qualifications regarding its interpretation. Please feel free to contact me with any queries, concerns, or corrections or regarding more information on other figures referenced in the book.