Max Goplerud

Peer-Reviewed Publications


  1. Fernandes, Jorge, Max Goplerud, and Miguel Won. "Legislative Bellwethers: The Role of Committee Membership in Parliamentary Debate." Advance Access at Legislative Studies Quarterly. [publisher's version] [preprint] [appendix] [dataverse]
  2. Goplerud, Max. 2018. "A Multinomial Framework for Ideal Point Estimation." Advance Access at Political Analysis. [publisher's version] [preprint] [appendix] [dataverse]
  3. Goplerud, Max and Torben Iversen. 2018. "Redistribution Without A Median Voter: Models of Multidimensional Politics." Annual Review of Political Science. 21:295-317. [publisher's version]
  4. Goplerud, Max. 2016. "Crossing the Boundaries: An Implementation of Two Methods for Projecting Data across Boundary Changes." Political Analysis. 24(1): 121-129. [publisher's version] [dataverse]
  5. Goplerud, Max and Petra Schleiter. "An Index of Assembly Dissolution Powers." Comparative Political Studies. 49(4): 427-456. [publisher's version]
  6. Goplerud, Max. 2015. "The First Time is (Mostly) the Charm: Special Advisers as Parliamentary Candidates and Members of Parliament." Parliamentary Affairs. 68(2): 332-351. [publisher's version]
  7. Goplerud, Max. 2014. "Appendix 1: Methodology and Appendix 2: Further Work on the Distribution and Tenure of Special Advisers" in Special Advisers: Who They Are, What They Do and Why They Matter, (eds.) Ben Yong and Robert Hazell. Oxford: Hart.


Working Papers


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  1. Goplerud, Max. "Modelling Heterogeneity Using Bayesian Structured Sparsity."
  2. Goplerud, Max. "Fast and Accurate Estimation of Hierarchical Models using Variational Algorithms"
  3. Goplerud, Max and Daniel M. Smith. "Institutional Change and Legislative Speech: The Creation of Responsible Party Government in Japan."
  4. Goplerud, Max, Shiro Kuriwaki, Marc Ratkovic, and Dustin Tingley. "Sparse Multilevel Regression (and Poststratification (sMRP))".
  5. Goplerud, Max, Christopher Lucas, and Dean Knox. "The Rhetoric of Parliamentary Debate."